thomas senkman
web & iOS developer


Hi, I’m Thomas Senkman, a 24 year-old french developer, currently studying at HETIC and working as an iOS developer at Blank.

Perfectionist and always looking for new knowledge, I attach a lot of importance to the quality of my projects. You can find here my latest work.

Feel free to contact me with any question or offer.



Swing Circle Festival

The Swing Circle is a parisian festival. I am currently developing an app that allows users to view the calendar of the festival, informations about the artists, or to buy a ticket.

This app uses MagicalRecord to manage Core Data, AFNetworking, SDWebImage and will send Push Notifications.


This is a personal project which estimate the release dates of upcoming devices. I made the iOS application and the back-end development.

This app uses AFNetworking.
I made a first version of the app that is being validated. I am currently working on a v2 to add push notifications and new UX/UI.

In progress : 99%


Back-end and front-end development of a Wordpress theme for a well-known french blog about e-commerce. The redesign was decided to make the content more readable and so that visitors read more articles.

Open website


Beluga is a concept store for a fictional brand made ​​during a school project. I realized a part of the back-end development with Fat-Free PHP.

All the features of a real e-commerce website were recreated using this framework.

Open website


I am currently available for a freelance project.
Feel free to contact me! I will respond as soon as possible.

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